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Welcome to Bodysin-Sations, LLC
Welcome to Bodysin-sations. A place to Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to Bodysin-sations. A place to Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

Back to the Basics - Homemade soaps and More…

Back to the Basics - Homemade soaps and More…

Give what goes on your body the same amount of attention you give to what goes into it. Choose your skin care products like you choose your food.

Bodysin-sations was created to help consumers with sensitive skin who are looking for more natural alternatives. Specializing in Goats Milk and Shea Butter soaps, we strive to keep it simple. We provide healthy substitutes to potentially harmful chemicals and detergents found in many commercial soaps and skin care products.

We promise to address individual skin care needs. If we don't have a product that suits your specific needs then let us create and formulate one for you!

"Fresh Handmade" is not just our manfacturing process but also our business model. 

Remaining committed to the safety of our products and creating skin care products without the exploitation of people or our planet, we use the highest quality ingredients, from ethical sources, local and organic whenever possible. Expertly formulated, by hand, with care. Rest assured that our products are all natural and NEVER tested on animals.  

What you will not find in our products are: harsh detergents, Sodium Stearate (which is derived from animal fat), Propylene Glycol (a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water) and even though it is claimed to be non-toxic Propylene glycol is used by the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries as an antifreeze when leakage might lead to contact with food. You can find the information for Propylene Glycol (Center for Disease Control website)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a skin irritant and can make acne worse. And my favorite Butylated Hydroxytoluene, also known as BHT is an additive used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of food and health care products. Some sites suggest that the good effects out weigh the bad of this ingredient, but do the research and decide for yourself.


My favorite is the Orange Valencia and I’m excited that it comes in the Shea Butter soap and the Goats Milk Soap. Both are great skin moisturizers and it is just a great essential oil soap scent! Peggy B.

My favorite soap scent is the Sweet Pea for the time being. Bodysin-sations is always coming out with new scents and I love that they will make them in the Shea Butter Soaps and the Goats milk soaps if requested. The way the Shea butter soap moisturizes my skin, it leaves my skin feeling like silk, but I also love the Goats Milk soap for that squeaky clean feeling! Nikki F.

The benefits of the Shea butter soaps weather it be the therapeutic properties of the essential oils that have been added or the skin moisturizing benefits of the Shea butter soap itself. The Shea Butter Soaps by far are my favorites regardless of the soap scent being used. Jim S.

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